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Fun Stuff

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Looking for humor sites, try Boink! Humor Links

No fun page would be complete without a visit to The Dilbert Zone and Dr. Fun

Looking for some comedy in your life? Try Comedy Central

Looking for games on the Internet? Try Games Domain - or - Download Games Now

Looking for a little Casino action on the Internet? Try Casino Center

Looking for something new every day?? Check here for the for the cool site of the day

If you are a trivia buff, then you must make a visit to

Looking for a way explain something really awful? Try Mark's Apology Note Generator

Here is another site to find that special phrase in times of trouble The Book of Clichés

While you are at it, get your Tarot cards read at Tarot

For something a little different, check out The Centre for the Easily Amused

If you still have questions and not sure what to do, ask Quip!

For the seriously bored, there is How to keep an idiot busy for hours

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